Nursery/Toddlers Sunday Morning Director
Pam Carriker 
Joanna Parker is the Children's Church Director

Nursery Ministry‚Äč

When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our volunteers. They will ask the age of your child and direct you to your child's class. Our volunteers will provide you with a form to register your child in his/her class. Before leaving your child in the Nursery/Preschool  Class, you will be required to sign your child in and indicate which Sunday School class  you will be attending. In addition you will be asked for your cell phone number and a password so you may be contacted in the event that we need to reach you.

While your child is in the Nursery/Preschool Class we will provide toys and activities during play time, a Sunday School lesson and songs during the Sunday School hour and crafts related to the day's lesson in the last hour of church.

We encourage all parents to provide your child's own Sippy cup and snack. Diapers are checked and changed at least once during each hour your child in is the Nursery/Preschool.

All the Nursery/Preschool toys are sanitized after each use and the entire room is cleaned and sprayed in an effort to maintain a healthy environment. Plush and fabric toys are prohibited due to easy contamination.

When the worship service ends and you return to the Nursery/Preschool class, you will give us the password for your child and our volunteers will return your child along with their belongings and any craft that was made that day.

Pam Carriker